It feels a little bit like this...

It can be a bit depressing when I'm sad.
It can be a bit cheesy when I'm in love.
In the end, it's all about how it feels in the moment...

Perhaps I can fall in love again

I’m wallowing
Broke up with myself
It wasn’t working for a while
I fought for it,
A bit more than I should have
But eventually
Fell out of love
A detail here, another there
Soon enough I grew apart

Mending the heart
Slowly, piece by piece
There are smells that make me cry
From other people, living their lives
There are sounds that I miss
Daily interactions too faraway

I wanna get out of myself
I take a bath, a take fifteen
Time doesn’t go faster
It doesn’t stop either
No miraculous healing
No love potion

I think it’s about hope
I think it’s also about forgiving
The person I couldn’t be
How I’ve let myself down
Not being ready then

I need to love again
I crave it more than anything
Find a way back to myself
Be kind, be patient, be mine

Perhaps fall in love again
With the good there is in me
With my brown eyes and big smile
With my curls and curves
With my corky ways
With my soul

Perhaps I can fall in love again
Perhaps I can
Fall in love

M.M.D - 2014.10.17 - 9:03pm

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I’m Ready Now

I’m ready now
You may approach
Take one step at a time
Many smiles, then a touch

I’ve been numb
I’ve been asleep
Reset myself
No new secrets to keep

The healing is complete
The vacuum is immense
I’ll need sample of kisses
Don’t start it too intense

Hope is near
My heart is awake
I’m curious and fresh
As if there was never a mistake

Love, welcome back
I’ve missed you so so much
Be kind, be present
Let me recognize you as such

M.M.D - 2014.10.16 - 10:23pm

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Healed is not whole

I’m drowning in my solitude
Craved and despised
Misinterpreted, though needed
Wasted, invaded, disposed

One round here, another back
Full circle at last
Of shades of who I’ve been
In contrast with this lightness
Of being

Stuck in time
Stuck in heart
I fall apart

I’m waking up in my solitude
One step at a time
Another day goes by
Another night is served

I see now, I’m missing a piece
Incomplete puzzle
Almost obsolete
Lost in a maze with me

Underwater I breathe
Above the clouds I crawl
Drifting from then
I am now

Foam and bubbles
And candles lights
I embrace myself
Wonder when, wonder why

Soon is not today
Healed is not whole
Surviving is not living
Waiting is not loving

M.M.D - 2014.10.10 - 7:09pm

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Mind the gap

Mind the gap
It’s hollow and deep
Invisible, though there
With me, everywhere

Rusty, unused
Put to rest, forgotten
Damaged, now healed
Rated and reviewed

Heart, spacious
Pumping, anxious
Waiting, beating
Underwater, breathing

Vacuumed and sealed
Trapped in fear
Washed off scars
Sipping tears in bars

Warm, not dead
Red, not black
Alive, not buried
Just slightly worried

Come in, take a seat
No rush, take your time
I’ve been waiting for you
No need for extra rhymes

M.M.D - 2014.09.28 - 9:29 pm

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Future memories

Sometimes in life, on a completely ordinary day, in the middle of a mixed crowd between people you know and people you’re about to meet, regardless of which social gathering that might be, you will introduce yourself (or get introduced to) people who you might never remember, even seconds afterwards.

Now that sounds harsh, but yet, that’s exactly how it happens.

But then, in exceptional few times, you will meet a person or two who you will end up having a natural full and interesting conversation with.
You will not only remember their name, but you’ll also feel like you’ve connected with somebody new and that memory will stay with you and if you’re lucky enough to understand how rare that is, you will find a way to make room in your life so they can come back and become a person you won’t ever forget.

I like to imagine that, that first conversation shared with these special people are our future memory of their presence in our lives, as if, for a second in the moment we meet each other, we’re allowed a glimpse of the moments we’re about share.
And the natural connection is only two people recognizing the familiar feeling of finally spotting an old friend again, as if you’ve been separated from each other for a while but now have been given the gift of coming back to where you started.

Seize the moment. When that happens, follow up, invite them over, create some memories. Regardless of what happens in your lives, be there for each other, catch up, travel together, go on adventures and share your whole heart and soul with them. It’s rare and it won’t happen too often throughout life.

And every time that it happens, smile: you’ve got someone for life!

M.M.D - 2014.08.02 - 9:51pm

— 2 months ago
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This distance between us

Empty half words
Exchanged in the clouds
Between us, this blur
The blues, the doubts
Something unsaid
Stretched in endless nights
Your name, a reminder
The memory of your face,
Of your kindness, of your heart
Haunting my every thought
There are pieces of you all around
First I smile, then I get sad
To be losing you in this weird gap
You’re here but you’re gone
You’re present in your absence
By replaying every single moment
Your color is painted in every corner
Your name is every word anyone says
All the songs played in background, you
Still, nothing
Faded and vanished
Strangers from another lives
Who tripped on one another,
For a second,
Never got to say ‘thank you’
Never got to say ‘goodbye’

M.M.D - 2014.07.26 - 11:02pm

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Until you get back here

In every picture
In every smile you see
I find happy moments
During my sorrow
That’s called coping
That’s called missing you
For every moment you’re not around
I need one more beautiful sunset
One more dip in the water
One more life distraction
For every smile I can’t share with you
For every story I’m not telling you
For every part of your day I’m left out
I need one more summer night
Surrounded by friends and guitars
One more hobby
To speed up time
Until you get back here

M.M.D - 2014.07.26 - 11:14pm

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Magical Sunset

A magical sunset
Got me thinking of you
Its warmth, its peacefulness
Reminded me of your presence
As it went down in the sea
Your absence hurt a little deeper
The kisses I won’t get
The love we won’t share
And how unprepared I feel
To be completely heartbroken
By you
Still, I dare
As if compelled by your light
Consumed by your energy
You are just like the sun,
And this sunset…
If I could only, but I can’t…
So I’ll love you with what I got
Until there’s nothing to spare
And in a magical place,
Perhaps, you may wake up one day
To look at me with the same eyes I look at you
What a lovely day that would be…

M.M.D -2014.05.25 - 11:22pm

— 4 months ago
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Living in the surface
And I stand here
staring at myself
after a few rounds outside
facing this encounter I’ve been trying to avoid
from denial to acceptance
it’s not about her, 
it’s about all people in the world
all the living things
that have every lived and will ever live
and how deeply we connect
with the same feelings of sorrow and desire
hidden underneath so many walls
keeping us apart
it’s about a lack of empathy
a fear of such greatness
that risks humanity as its core
as we choose to walk alone, instead
to protect ourselves
to be an unbreakable mess
of mended pieces 
So here I am with myself
and I am, for sure, hollow
as I see a hole of the size of the universe
cutting my heart from side to side
wondering where did it all go
when did I start losing it along the way
and how absolutely empty I am without it
Yet, I feel too much
all the time, in every inch of my skin
with every wind that kisses my face
with every sunlight warming my days
and because of all this feeling
this feeling too much, all the time
I don’t know where to go
where to take it
as if sharing is suddenly forbidden 
and its heaviness is now my own to carry
It’s not her
it’s all of us
everyday, avoiding contact
living in the surface
M.M.D - 2014-03.01 - 10:47pm
— 7 months ago
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Puzzled Gaps

Your silence is too loud
Your distance, too close to my skin
Our gaps too puzzled
I’m all over the place
I’m spinning around in my thoughts
Neither here nor there
I’ve left you a thousands times
A thousand times, I came back
Letting go seems impossible
Somehow you’re too deep within
Why? I can’t tell
I can only feel, recognize the rush
There’s a quiet anticipation
Taking over my body, some nights
Imagining you in details
In moments I have yet to witness
Imagining a one sided love
This extreme desire that won’t reach you
It doesn’t leave my world
It doesn’t find you in any corner
You go on, without me
Not knowing that you do
Unaware of my loneliness
Of my every thought of you
It’s been long enough
We get nowhere
You won’t let me
I never knew such craving
Such delusion for someone I can’t have
If I sleep now, I rest
To wake up looking for you.

M. M.D - 2013.12.11 - 12:24am

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